Membership and E-Mail Lists
Membership in the National Lavender Green Caucus is open to any registered Green or Green Party member (in states that do not register based on Party affiliation) who identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer.
No potential new member may be subscribed to any of the lists without first submitting the membership form found on our website at:
(To help reduce spam, our email lists are moderated and subscriptions must be approved. Filters will automatically reject messages with too many recipients, blind carbon copies, attachments and messages that are too long-over 40kb)
3. General News & Announcements: also known as lavender-issues
PURPOSE: to discuss issues related to caucus issues and Green Party/GLBTIQ issues. It's a high volume list. This is where general policy discussions and philosophical debates, non-caucus related GLBTIQ announcements from third parties, etc. go.
Subscription to this list is voluntary.

SUBSCRIBERS: Lavender Greens and other Greens interested in GLBTIQ issues.

Here's the webpage to subscribe to the lavender-caucus list:
Administrator login:
2. NLGC Discussion: also known as lavender-business
PURPOSE: to facilitate communications for the purpose of decision-making and management of affairs of the National Lavender Green Caucus. This is where we discuss proposals, endorsements and caucus-related business. Subscription to this list is voluntary.

SUBSCRIBERS: Members of the Lavender Green Caucus

Here's the webpage to subscribe to the lavender-discussion list:
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1. NLGC Information (required): also known as lavender-announce
PURPOSE: This is a one-way list. Subscribers are not able to send replies or post messages to this list. In order to stay in touch with our membership, all Caucus members will be subscribed by the Secretary. This is a moderated list and not a discussion list.

This list is where all elections, proposals and important announcements are first posted. When posting announcements that members are asked to vote or reach consensus on, a link to lavender-discussion should be provided to give members a chance to be part of the discussion period. For the beginning of the voting period, ballots are sent to lavender-info and final results are posted here.
Messages or replies from members other than officers and list administrators should be discarded or rejected.

SUBSCRIBERS: All members of the Lavender Green Caucus

Here's the webpage to subscribe to the lavender-info list:
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Lavender-coord also known as the Officers list or Coordinators list.
Caucus members can not be subscribed to this list unless they are officers, delegates or former officers. Starlene Rankin is list administrator.