2017 Lavender Green Caucus Endorsements
Julie Bañuelos
Samantha Pree-Stinson
Minneapolis City Council Ward 3
Campaign website: http://preefor3.ruck.us/
Date of election: November 7, 2017
Do you think that sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression should be a factor in determination of child custody cases, or consideration for placement of foster children or for adoption?

It really has little relevance. It is just one of many issues that need to be addressed in reforming a family court system that is heavily biased toward gender stereotypes which frequently do not represent the best interests of the child.

Would you make hiring qualified transgender persons, persons of color, and persons with a disability a priority in your office?

Yes. My campaign manager is a transgender woman.
Excerpt from our Candidate Questionnaire:
Denver Public School District #1
Campaign website: http://www.banuelos4education.org/
Date of election: November 7, 2017
Excerpt from our Candidate Questionnaire:
Why do you wish to hold this office? 
I wish to hold this office because it’s time to bring the voice of a LGTBQIA+ teacher, a member of the working class, a daughter of immigrant and migrant workers to the forefront of a governing body like the board of education in Denver. The current members of the B.O.E are loyal to corporations and the privatization movement that aims at implementing a one-size-fits-all school model that produces test takers instead of embracing the diversity in culture, learning modalities, self-identification and empowering students for the journey of adulthood.
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